Natural Food Production
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Producer Signup

Farmers and producers, committed to naturally grown principles, may sign up to kandu connect and create a business contact profile. Complete your profile and invite other naturally grown producers from your area, to write an endorsement of authenticity on your profile wall.

Public interaction

Other producers from your area must endorse the authenticity of your produce as naturally grown, only after this, will kandu be obliged to import your profile into the directory, as well as a private admin site where you can upload your produce information.

Online Sales

List your crops and products with other naturally grown producers from your area. Make contacts, discuss topics. Arrange a local good food market, where producers can meet, build a local customer base, and discuss PGS certification. Work together to establish the network

Latest Products

Contributors may upload their products and they will be listed on the directory.

Latest Farms

Join as a producer or supplier of harvested crops, or wholesale products.
A producer / supplier does not require a public shop, but rather sells in bulk to shop owners

Did you know that there is a surprising amount of small farms near to where you live, producing wholesome, naturally grown food and the products that are made from it? They often work extra hard to replenish topsoil and avoid the use of chemical pesticides or additives. We'd like you to be in touch with these producers and have better access to better food, and we'll do our best to provide as much evidence of the probability of organic certification. The rest is up to local peer and public review on the kandu connect. Let's see the goodness going into the soil too.

Latest Enterprises

Join as a public-facing retail outlet selling your own products, or selling products from another producer / supplier

Join us in creating an opensource value network

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A collection of natural quotables from kandu connect

  • Why do you have to make such a mess when you do that?

    Thus spake Alexi Kitay Feb. 6, 2020
  • How dare you!?

    Thus spake Greta Thunberg Dec. 17, 2019


the kandu·community is a showcase of small farms and organic producers, working with nature, without chemicals, to produce wholesome food, encourage local variety and diversity, replenish topsoil and reward those who tend the earth.

Support local, small scale farmers.


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